Eat real.

No preservatives. 
Nothing artificial­—ever.

Real food is made with ingredients you’d find in your pantry, not in a lab. We handcraft all our prepared foods in-house, using only natural ingredients like fresh herbs, hand-cut vegetables and the highest quality meats. So when Pomegranate food is on your table, you know you’re eating real.



Three full-time mashgiachs.
Three separate kitchens.

We employ two supervisors and three mashgiachs to supervise our premises around the clock, and our on-site kitchens prepare all our foods under the hashgacha of Kehliah Kashrus, the Tartikover Rav. From double-filtering our water to hand-checking lettuce with special lights for bug detection, we do kosher right.



It’s not just a job,
it’s an obsession.

Cleanliness goes to the core of our mission. Our cleaning crew works all day and all night to make our entire store sparkle. It’s only clean if it’s Pomegranate clean.